Introducing One-Stop Ceramic tile printing Solution

Fashion brand of IT with the diversified development of the market. For mobile phone brands and functions are diversified, while the mobile phones to protect shell materials they have leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other products, not only as decorations for your mobile phone protection shell of mobile phone become a scenery, more to protect your mobile phone, hockey, waterproof and shockproof.

Resin is the main ingredient; Raw material: plastic toys is composed of high polymer synthetic resin (polymer) as the main ingredients.Both natural resin and synthetic resin are macromolecule polymer, polymer for short; Plastic for electricity, heat, sound good insulation, electrical insulation, arc resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, sound-absorbing, vibration absorption, noise elimination performance excellence.


PVC material has light weight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moistureproof, flame retardant, easy construction, etc. PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative materials. Is short for PVC material, PVC has PVC resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of anti-aging agent, modification agent and so on, through mixing, rolling, such as vacuum blister technology and material.

Plastic specimens

Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum plastic composite vacuum packaging, such products are suitable for the large-scale precision machinery equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, moistureproof, avoid light, vacuum packaging. With four layers structure, has the good water, oxygen insulation function.

Decorative plastic refers to synthetic resin or natural resin as the main raw material, to join or not join additives, under certain temperature and pressure, after mixing and plasticizing, forming, and the products shape unchanged materials at room temperature. Decorative plastic refers to the various used in indoor decoration engineering plastics and its products.


You can print many Ceramic tile with the matched pictures at one time, even with different artworks.Just set at RIP software. You can not only capture the small minimum to 1 piece, but also the large orders up to thousands of Ceramic tile.

COLORJET INDUSTRY provides three different models of plastic uv printers: CJ-R3060UV A3 pladtic uv printer,CJ-R6090UV A1 plastic uv printer, CJ-R1015UV A0 plastic uv printer.

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