High-Speed 1612 UV Printer with Toshiba CE4M / Ricoh G5i Print Heads for Wood Metal Glass

Short Description:

   Jucolor Brand, UV1612Pro model A0  industry uv flatbed printer adopts multifunctional printing system and motherboard, equipped  Ricoh G5i(TH5241) or Toshiba CE4M industry print heads, 160*120cm/5.3*4′ print size,  20/30/40cm print height. white,CMYK,LC,LM, Varnish 8-colors,
  14mm max high drop printing, able to print on uneven & irregular materials. like toys, suitcases, glasses cases, surfboards, trolley cases, shoes, helmets, toys, electrical panels, cabinets, hairpins, accessories, bottles, cups, etc.
   Vacuum suction platform, Double-Negative pressure ink supply, Auto-height checking, Anti-Collision, let user more easy and safe to use the printer.

  • Print Size: 160*120cm/5.3*4' 20cm print height
  • Print Heads: Toshiba CE4M or Ricoh G5I(th5241)
  • Ink Colors: CMYK,LC,LM+White+Varnish 8-colors
  • Advantage: faster speed, big print size, stable printing
  • Print Height: 20cm/30cm/40cm
  • Ink Supply system: Double Negative pressure ink supply system
  • RIP Software: Maintop software, SAI flexiprint
  • high Drop printing distance: 14 mm max high drop prinitng distance
  • Workable Medias: Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Suitcase, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc
  • Product Detail

    large uv printer

    Jucolor  CJ-UV1612Pro A0 size uv led printer is developped by Jucolor team for customers who want faster printing speed, high quality printing out, less maintenance, Flexible printing

    this A0 uv printer use Multifunctional printing system and motherboard, can match, different industry print heads like ESPON 3200-U1 Print heads, Ricoh G5/6 or G5I print heads, Toshiba CE4M print heads

    uv flatbed printer board

    Professional printing mainboard & system 

    *Ensure printer work stable, improve printing quality *Support cmykcm/CMYK,lc,lm+white+Varnish inks printing one pass, 3D embossed effect printing varnish glossy effect printing *Can support 3-8 pcs print heads for fast speed printing,High jet printing, the print head can print 10 mm high drop

    uv print heads


    Ricoh G5i print head

    Equipped with 3-8 industrial printheads

    Ricoh G5i and Toshiba CE4M printheads, 2 years lifespan, less maintenance, support CMYK, lc, lm, white and varnish inks one-pass printing, 2800dpi high-resolution printing, can achieve wonderful 3D light oil realistic effects. high droplet printing is available for this high drop uv printer

    uv printing machine

    Adopts a negative pressure ink supply system

    During the printing process, the ink runs smoothly, the color is output stably, and there is no problem of insufficient ink supply. It is equipped with a backflow protection device to ensure the safety of the negative pressure system.

    uv large printer

    Print size is 160*120cm

    Jucolor 1612 UV printer, large vacuum-absorbed platform with ruler is very good at absorbing materials and is good for printing light items. The maximum print size is 160*120cm, which allows you to print a large number of items at one time, making it highly efficient for production printing. Custom printing on materials up to 20cm thick, football balls, suitcases, bottles, cups, boxes and other items with thickness can be printed.

    rotary uv printer

    Cylinder and faltbed uv printer

    Jucolor large format UV flatbed printer, which can be equipped with a cylindrical jig or customed with special fixtures to enable the printing of different cylindrical or shaped objects.

    uv varnish printer

    Jucolor large UV printer can be used in a wide range of materials can be printed, wood, tiles, metal, mugs, mobile phone cases, we use multiple industrial-grade nozzles, so you can achieve color white and varnish inks one-pass printing, 3D embossed varnish commercial products, varnish effect makes the picture more vivid and textured.


    uv applications

    uv printers

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    Printing Detail
    CJ-UV1612Pro Flatbed Printer
    Printing Head
    5-8 pcs Toshiba CE4M, 2-4 pcs Ricoh g5i, 2-4 pcs EPSOON I3200-U1  print heads
    Printing Size
    160*120cm/5.24*4 feet
    Printing Height
    20cm/7.8 inches
    Printing Resolution
    300*1200DPI, 300*1800 DPI,300*2400 DPI
    Printing Direction
    Smart Bi-directional Printing
    Print Quality
    True Photographic Quality
    Printing Speed (Bi-directional, Single color, Feathering:122)
    720*2400 dpi
    6 pass
    8 pass
    12 pass
    13.5 m2/h
    8 m2/h
    4 m2/h
    Inks Color
    Ink Type
    UV LED curing ink
    Applicable Medias
    phone case, pen, braille,small tube, lighter,wood, glass, acrylic, plastic,aluminum,mug/bottle, sign, leather, PVC, metal, ceramic
    tile, board, rubber, porcelain, marble, granite,MDF,ABS,etc
    Special Remarks
    Customized is available.
    2850 W/ Hour.
    Machine Size
    3350*1880*1306 mm,850 kg
    Payment Terms
    T/T; bank transfer, Western union
    One year warranty,all lifetime service

    uv printer in usa

    Double Hi-win silent guide rail

    Jucolor high quality of 1612 UV flatbed printer with double Hi-win silent guide rail, high strength and stable structure, long use time, stable operation, and accurate inkjet printing.


    Screw guide

    Bold Y-axis screw guide

    ensure high-precision operation of the print head, high-quality printing, long service life, and never deformed.

    uv inkuv ink bottle

     Negative pressure ink supply system

    Jucolor popular high quality of 1612 A0+ uv printer equipped with a negative pressure ink supply system, which can directly press the ink into the print head to maintain a stable supply of ink, ensure high-quality printing results, and reduce maintenance costs.

    uv machine

    Eliminate static electricity on the material and make the ink drop more stable.


    Sectional & individual vacuum suction control,concentrate energy ,save energy.



    Jucolor hot sale flatbed 1612 uv printer with an automatic height measuring system, the printing work can be completed more efficiently.


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