UV Printer Printing on Phone Case High Speed Multi-Functional

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CJ-UV4560D A2 size uv printer is developped by Jucolor team for customers who want to do indoor uv printing busness, diy printing cusotm printing, and want print on almost any medias.
This 4060 A2 uv printer use Multifunctional industry printing system and motherboard, match 3 pcs DX7, TX800,i3200 print heads,
Compatible with high quality uv curing ink, CMYK, white, varnish, can print out bright glossy, tactile prints with low graininess and smooth gradation 3D embossed effect on almost any kind media.
43*60cm/16.9*23.6” print size, 25.6cm/10” print thickness can greatly satisfy customers for large-size printing and high-thickness printing needs.
Provide reliable solution for boths rigid and soft medias
like Medias: Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Suitcase, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc.
Aluminum alloy body makes printing more stable, size and weight is lighter and more compact, convenient for transportation and access to narrow doors.
Equipped with vacuum suction platfrom system, auto medias height checking system, led control touch panel, let user more easy and safe to use the printer.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 8000/ Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Taille d'impression : 43*60cm/17*23.6''
  • Print Hegiht: 25.6cm/10 ''
  • Têtes d'impression : 3 PCS DX7,TX800,i3200
  • Supports utilisables : Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Suitcase, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc
  • Print Gap/high drop distance: 14 mm max high drop prinitng distance
  • RIP Color Manager Software : Maintop software, SAI flexiprint
  • Advantages: 14mm high droplet printing, less mainteance, high printing quality, stable prinitng
  • Détail du produit

    imprimante à  plat UV

    imprimante uv

    1. Compact design, small size, easy to enter door
    2. Aluminum alloy machine structure, long working life, high-precision printing
    3. Support White+CMYK+Varnish inks one pass printing.
    4. 3D embossed + Varnish glossy printing
    5. Auto cleaning,auto height adjustment, self-checking,easy to maintenance

    One Machine, Multi-Field Printing

    Compact design, small size, easy to enter door;Neither big nor small size, 6 square meters of small space is enough, flexible for different size and production,it meets people's home printing business.

    A2uv printer is a small and flexible uv printer, but it can have a wide printing range. According to its printing size (43*60cm), you can even fit a suitcase, which also means that as long as it is smaller than the luggage Boxes of small items can be printed.


    Contact us for free sample printing test

    Whether you plan to start a printing service business or already have experience using UV printers, we provide free printing solutions.
    Our rich product models can meet different commercial printing needs. Contact us for more details. Our products have a wide range of applications. At the same time, we have done relevant professional tests on different materials from the customer's perspective, such as leather printing, considering whether it is resistant to folding, metal plates, outdoor advertising boards, ceramic tiles and other materials inks that are resistant to sunlight and hundred-grid knives. Scratch test. Whether you want to print footballs, luggage, rocks, computer cases boards, Christmas gifts, home decoration materials, expensive metal pens, thermos cups, mugs, Beer barrels, ice hockey pucks, toys, wine bottles, photo albums, cards, notebook cases, acrylic glass with reverse printing, varnish relief three-dimensional effect, small word edge high-definition printing, and other commercial applications, we can meet your requirements
    High quality printer
    uv mainboard
    best printer
    automatic cleaning unit
    Automatic height measurement
    Jucolor injet printer
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    imprimante uv d'usine

    Provide stable and high-quality products:Structure de machine de précision et système professionnel

    Original manufacturer engineers support:One by one all lifetime service

    Successful customer cases:Turst our printers will bring you a new good business

    * We are an original manufacturer who designs and produces our printers, our own professional engineer team knows well about the printer
    * One to one professional technical operation free training, remote guidance maintenance, and online technical service is more speedy and efficiency
    * Long-term supply of high-quality original ink and spare parts.

    *Our products have export certificates, which can help you provide the information if you need it.


    Nom du produit Imprimante UV numérique A2 CJ-UV4560D Caractéristiques 1. Acceptez l'impression de hauteur de matériau de 10 pouces
    Type de machines Petite imprimante à jet d'encre UV à plat automatique 2.Total 5 tournevis à billes sur l'axe Y et l'axe Z
    Tête d'impression 3 têtes d'impression EPSON DX10 (TX800)/E1600/DX7 3. Structure de la machine en alliage d'aluminium robuste
    Taille d'impression maximale 43*60 CM/16.9*23.6 pouces 4. Unité de nettoyage automatique en alliage d'aluminium
    Écart d'impression maximum 25,6 cm/10 pouces Panneau de commande tactile 5.LED
    Réglage de la hauteur Automatique avec capteur 6. Table d'adsorption sous vide avec marque de règle de marge
    Couleur d'encre CMJNCM+ 6 Blanc+6 Vernis, 18 Couleurs 7. La source de lumière UV peut être ajustée
    Type d'encre Encre à séchage UV LED 8.Avec 3 têtes d'impression, impression rapide
    Système d'encre CISS construit à l'intérieur avec une bouteille d'encre Impression 9.Can avec effet brillant en relief 3D
    Alimentation en encre 500 ml/bouteille 10. Le produit fini est résistant à l'eau et aux rayures
    Consommation d'encre 9-15 ml/m². Le système d'exploitation Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
    Système de séchage UV Lampe UV LED (refroidissement par eau) langues Anglais / Chinois
    Logiciel RIP Maintop 6.0 ou PhotoPrint DX Plus Interface Port USB2.0/3.0
    Format de fichier EPS/TIFF/PSD/BMP/JPG Puissance motrice 110V/ 220V
    Méthode d'impression Jet d'encre piézoélectrique à la demande Consommation d'énergie 850W
    Résolution d'impression 720*1080 ppp, 720*1440 ppp, 720*2160 ppp Environnement de travail 20 ~ 28 ℃ HR40-60%
    Vitesse d'impression Environ 85 secondes pour le format A4 (avec 1440 dpi) Puissance requise 50/60HZ 220V(±10%)<5A
    Sens d'impression Mode d'impression bidirectionnelle intelligent Dimensions de la machine 110*95*80CM
    Qualité d'impression Véritable qualité photographique Taille d'emballage 115*125*94CM
    Matériaux applicables Stylo, étui pour téléphone, bouteille, tasse, carreau de céramique, briquet, boîte-cadeau, USB, carte Poids net de la machine 115KG
    Métal, bois, verre, plastique, cuir, PVC, marbre, papier, TPU, etc. Poids brut 210KG
    Système d'alimentation des médias Automatique/Manuel Emballage Caisse en contreplaqué

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