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acrylic uv printer
Ceramic Tile Printing
pvc uv printer

Rotary Bottle UV Printing Solution

We have kinds of size uv flatbed printers to print different size of bottles with perfect printing result with rotary printing.Our UV printer suitable for cylinders, bottles, mugs, candles cosmetic bottles and other items of various materials and shapes personalized printing

Plastic UV Printing

Jucolor digital UV printers are able to print colorful and lasting images on PVC, PP, PE, PC, ABS and more other materials. Plastics are among the most needed materials in the advertising and wide-format printing market,as pen ,ID cards ,USB ,small buttons and ballon uv led printing,trunk uv printing,phone case,lighter,golfball uv printing ,ect . with high precision printing 

uv flatbed printer
uv foam printer
uv pen printer
uv id cards printer
uv wrist printer
uv printer for plastic
Botton Printing
uv led printer
uv printer for usb
mask plastic printing

Metal UV Printing

With the developing of the packaging industry, more and more metal material will be used in this industry. We design the UV LED printer, it can print any pictures and colors on the metal, such as the tinplate, aluminum, steel, iron and other metal material.
You can use our UV printer to print the pictures on these materials according to your requirement.Printing CMYK, Lc, Lm white ink and varnish inks, will be able to create attractive effect such as 3D, embossed and glossy on metal plate,Let the metal packaging industry beautiful and colorful

uv metal printer
metal uv printer
Metal Sheet UV printing
medal uv printer
metal bottle uv printer
metal uv printer
uv cd printer
Keychain uv printer
Direct Metal Printer

Leather UV Printing Solution

Jucolor uv digital leather printing machines use high-quality and high-adhesion UV soft ink. When the leather material is folded or bent, it will not cause any pattern deformation and fading. can print different kind of leather with the designed pictures, it use LED UV inks which ensure the long ink durability and scratch resistance.

uv printer for leather
uv leather printer
wrist leather uv printer
leather uv printer
leather uv machine

UV Printer for Wood

CJ uv wood printer
CJ uv printer for wood
cj uv wood printer
uv wood varnish printing
uv wood printing

UV Printer for Glass

uv glass printer
uv photo printer
uv glass printer
uv glass printer
uv printer for glass art