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  • CJ-R9090UV A1+UV Printer

    CJ-R9090UV A1+UV Printer

    • Print Size: 90*90 CM/35*35 Inch
    • Print Height: 50 CM/19 Inch
    • Print Heads: 2-8 Pcs Ricoh Gh2220 3.5PL /G5i
    • UV Inks: CMYK White Varnish
    • Advantage: High Printing Quality
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  • CJ-UV3560D A3UV Printer

    CJ-UV3560D A3UV Printer

    • Print Size: 34*48 cm/13.3*18.8 Inch
    • Print Height: 20 cm/ 7.8 Inch
    • Print Head: 1 pcs epson dx10/dx5
    • UV Inks: CMYK+2 Whites / 4 Whites colors
    • Advantage: The smallest one desktop uv printer
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  • CJ-UV4060D A2 UV Printer

    CJ-UV4060D A2 UV Printer

    • Print Size : 43*60cm/16.9*23.6 Inch
    • Accept Height: 25.6 CM/ 10 Inch
    • Print Head: 3pcs TX800/XP600/DX7 heads
    • UV Inks: CMYKCM+White+Varnish
    • Advantage: Print height up to 25.6 cm, printable suitcase
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  • CJ-UV9060Plus A1 UV Flatbed Printer

    CJ-UV9060Plus A1 UV Flatbed Printer

    • Print Size: 100*70 CM/39.4*27.5 Inch
    • Print Height: 18 CM/7 Inch
    • Print Head: 3 pcs Epson XP600/I3200 heads
    • UV Inks: CMYK,+ white+ Varnish
    • Advantage: Printing size is bigger than 6090
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  • CJ-R1610UV A0 Large Format UV Printer

    CJ-R1610UV A0 Large Format UV Printer

    • Print Size : 164*115cm/64.5*45inches
    • Accept Height: 18 CM/7 Inch
    • Print Head: 3 pcs DX10/XP600/4720 heads
    • UV Inks: CMYKCM+Whites+Varnish
    • Advantage: Large format vacuum adsorption platform
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  • CJ DTG4260D A2 DTG Printer

    CJ DTG4260D A2 DTG Printer

    • Print Size: 42*50 CM/30*40 CM/ 20*30 CM
    • Print Head: 2 Pcs Epson i3200 / XP600 Print Head
    • Textile Pigment Inks Color: CMYKCM+6White or 2(CMYK)+8White
    • Material Applications: T shirt, polo shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, sportswear, jeans, hat, cotton bag, cotton pillow cover, fabric, polyester and more
    • Advantage: Double print head high-speed printing of various colors

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