Newest Large 2513 UV Flatbed Printer Digital Printing on Advertising Sign Wooden UV Printer

Short Description:

  • Print Size: 250*130cm/8*4' 15cm print height
  • Print Head: RICOH GEN6 industry print head
  • Ink Color: White+CMYK/CMYK,LC,LM+Varnish
  • Drop Volume: 5PL Variable drop printing
  • High Drop Printing Distance: 15MM high gap printing
  • Resolution: 900dpi, 1200dpi, 1800dpi
  • Application: Wood, PVC,Glass, Metal, MDF,board, leather,ext
  • Advantage: High speed, high stability, high precision
  • Product Detail



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    Product Feature

    Jucolor CJ-UV2513G6L 8*4 ‘ large format uv flatbed printer



    Ink type

    Uv led curing ink

    Print head

    RICOH GEN6 Industry print heads

    Ink color

    CMYK, LC,LM,White, Varnish

    Print size


    Print height


    Numbers of print heads


    Cartridge Capacity

    1000 ML each color, lack of ink alarm,White Ink Stirring

    Printing medias

    Glass, Acrylic, Wood, , Metal sheet, PVC,Plastic,Ceramic,Paper Leather, PP, PE, PTFE… etc

    Printing speed

    Ink color












    High quality




    600DPI, 900DPI,1200DPI, 1800DPI

    Power Supply

    50/60Hz, 220-240V 5KW

    Working temperature


    RIP software

    SAI flexi print

    Working humidity


    Printer size


    Packing size

    4450*2250*1560mm, 2250KG

    uv led printer

    Product parameters

    2513内页图 2

    * Ensure printer longer stable, high quality printing out
    * Support cmyk/cmyk,lc,lm+white+Varnish inks printing one pass, 3D embossed effect printing varnish glossy effect printing
    * 15 mm high droplet printing
    * support 4/8 pcs print heads for fast speed printing,

    2513内页图 3

    Layout of print heads

    * Using Japan's Ricoh Gen6 all-metal industry print head, Ricoh Gen6 print head adopts an all-steel structure, which is extremely.

    * corrosive, long working life, can be more than 3 years, high stability, greatly reduces maintenance time and cost.

    * 5.0pl , the variable drop technology enables excellent print output quality.
    According to customers' needs, Jucolor 2513 uv printers can support up to 8 pcs print heads.

    2513内页图 4

    led-uv curing lamp

    Using high-performance lamp bead water-cooled curing lamp, the light source is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, inline with UL standards, the lamp bead life is about 40,000 hours, the light source temperature is low, and it can adapt to more temperature-sensitive materials.

    2513内页图 5

    Magnetic levitation linear motor

    * Jucolor 2513 Gen6 print head printer adopts linear motor, reliable and long life, fast printing speed, simple structure, accurate ink point position, high positioning accuracy, easy maintenance, low printing noise, fast response speed, long running time without wear.
    * Compared with transmission belt drive, printing speed of the linear motor is increased by 20%-25%, which greatly meets the customer's requirements for printing speed. * Low noise effectively alleviate noise in working environment, reliable and long life can effectively reduce replacement cost.

    2513内页图 6
    2513内页图 7

    4 pcs printing heads - printing speed

    2513内页图 8

    8 pcs printing heads - printing speed

    This is the printing speed of our 4pcs printing head and 8pcs printing head in the four modes of the printing software.

    2513内页图 9

    Circulation System

    The Circulation System can limit the settlement of white ink, Avoid print heads blocked by inks sedimentation, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the print head.

    2513内页图 10

    The all-metal secondary ink cartridge

    Excellent corrosion resistance. UV ink is corrosive chemical liquid. so corrosion resistance of secondary ink cartridge is very important, which can effectively prolong working life. Avoid high failure rate and high maintenance rate.

    2513内页图 11

    Hard oxide adsorption platform with automatic positioning function.
    Jucolor 2513 printers use Hard-oxidized honeycomb-hole sub-chamber adsorption platform has strong adsorption capacity, which can
    effectively absorb printing material during printing process, prevent printing material from shifting, effectively ensure
    high-precision printing output, avoid print heads scraping caused by material warping. Damage problem, adsorption area can be
    adjusted at will, platform surface has high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.

    Pin Position System
    Easy to alignment of substrate quick loading, facilitate users to quickly find printing position and allow customers to quickly place materials.
    Auto Thickness Sensor
    Pin sensor to measure thickness upto 15cm/5.9inch
    2513内页图 12

    Four wind zone design

    With this design, The area that needs suction can be opened at will, and the application is more flexible
    Adopt a new four-pipe process, simplify the pipeline, and the suction force is not reduced.

    2513内页图 13

    Automatic height measuring system

    Automatically detect the suitable printing distance between the nozzle and the printing material. Accurate, efficient, convenient and fast, effectively avoid problems such as ink flying and blurred printing quality caused by incorrect printing height, ensure high-quality print output, effectively support bidirectional high-speed printing

    2513内页图 15

    automatic collision avoidance system

    Jucolor 2513 uv printer equipped anti-collision system for print head. This anti-collision system sensors are equipped on both sides of printing system. When safety of print heads are threatened, this system will stop printing directly, effectively protecting print head from being damaged.

    2513内页图 16

    Y-axis dual servo motor drive

    For Y axis, we use dual motor drive. Compared with single motor, dual motor has a simpler structure,running directly, no need belt, avoids the poor accuracy of belt drive, the failure rate is high, drive more accurate, and failure rate is lower.

    2513内页图 17(光泽

    Variable Sized Droplet Technology

    The ink drop size can be well controlled, making the printed pattern transition more natural, making the printing effect outstanding.


    Printer ink

    We will provide custo mers with our company-specific ink, and we do not recommend customers to buy other brands of ink, because the ink quality of each brand is different, it may cause damage to the machine, and it is not easy to use for a long time.

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