Jucolor Highlight Time
We would like to thank for all our customers' trust and support, help, and attention to Jucolor. We will focus more on quality and service on the road ahead and do better together, Looking forward to your joining

Thank you Mr. Andrew customer from Australia for purchasing Jucolor A2UV printer. This customer printed on wood(uv wood printer). Laser cutting plus UV printing makes the product even better. It's our great honor to hear from your feedback had a good experience from Jucolor printer and anwsome after-sales service

This is Ms. Esrom Asuncion from the Philippines who purchased Jucolor 9090UV printer with Ricoh G5i print heads. Printed on plastic bags as well as leather female bags with excellent results(uv printer for leather bags).The best gift is to give your customers the best product, I think we all do. Thank you for your trust.

This is Mr Joe from Uganda who has purchased Jucolor A1UV flatbed printer. Printed on office stationery such as notebooks and pens(uv printer for pen), the uv printing speed is fast, and it can print 216 pens at a time(one pass printing) only needs 30 min

A0 uv printer

Miss Zheeran who is from Iraq and bought Jucolor 1610 A0 large format uv printer


Dear Charmed who is from South Africa, own Jucolor A3 uv printer

high quality digital printer

This is Mr. Jasim Iraq who bought Jucolor 9060 Plus A1 uv printer


Friends are from Israel and Greece, they bought our A3 uv printer for business printing


Dear Ana who is from Spain uses our 9060 plus A1 UV printer for rotary printing


Mr Grupo who is from Portugal bought our A2 dtg printer


Thanks Marco, who is from Italy


Dear Vameline who is from Palau, busy with bottle printing


Mr. Chris is a designer from America, and has a good business printing on wood acrylic with amazing printing result


The customer who is from Colombia-, has a good job printing for Braille Ads

uv printer a2

Dear Eurl who are from Algeria, bought CJ-UV4560D A2 uv printer


Client is from Greece, mainly printing on MDF by CJ-UC3560D A3 uv printer


These friends are from Netherlands and Russia, had bought CJ-UV4560D A2 uv printer


Dear Mr. Steve is from U.K.,Very satisfied with our products and services


Customer from Netherlands