UV Printer 6090 A1 UV Flatbed Printer Led UV Machine G5i High Drop Inkjet Printing on All Material

Short Description:

CJ-UV9012Pro A1+ size uv printer is developed by Jucolor team for customers who want print high thickness medias with high quality printing out, high drop printing, less maintenance, Flexible printing
This A1+ industry uv printer use Multifunctional printing system and motherboard, cansupport 3-4 pcs industry Ricoh G5i print heads
Compatible with CMYK,LC,LM, Grey,LGrey, 10-color uv led ink, effectively improve printing quality and printing accuracy, support photo-level printout print out bright glossy, tactile prints with low graininess and smooth gradation. 3D embossed effect.
90*120cm/3*4′ print size, double printing than 6090 model can greatly satisfy customers for large-size printing needs.
50cm/1.66′ max print thickness can greatly satisfy customers for high-thickness printing needs.
10 mm max high droplet printing function Make this industry uv printer be able to print on uneven and irregular materials.

  • Print Size: 90*120 CM/3*4' Double 6090 Size
  • Accept Media Thickness: Up to 50 CM/1.66'
  • Print Head: 2-4 pcs Ricoh G51(TH5241) Industry Print Heads
  • Printing Qaulity: 10 Colors Photo Level Printing Result
  • Flexible Application: 10 mm max high drop printing function on curved surface
  • Resolution: 720*2400 DPI
  • Ink Supply System: Negative Pressure System
  • RIP Software: USA Sai Brand Flexi Print
  • Optional Configuration: CCD System Fast Position and High Accuracy
  • Workable Medias:: Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc
  • Product Detail

    Jucolor Pioneer Model

    9012 Double 6090 UV Printer

    • Jucolor Pioneer 90*120cm/3*4' double 6090 uv flatbed printer has a professional and stable printing system, combined with industrial-grade RicohG5i printing heads, which can realize personalized custom printing of various materials such as flat, curved, hard, and soft.
    • High drop inkjet printing on uneven phone case uv printer, 10 colors CMYK, Lc, Lm, Grey, Light Grey, white, varnish one pass photo level high quality printing ,3D embossed glossy colorful uv printing machine from Jucolor



    9012 Photo level UV Printer

    10 mm max high droplet printing function make this industry uv printer be able to print on uneven and irregular materials50 cm max print thickness,Printing size of 90*120cm,widely the uv printing application,suitcase uv machine,wood box led uv printer, football printer, metal beer barrel printer.

    It has a large printing area without making it bulky, so this is a very personalized printer that can be applied to any scene. Whether at home, in a shopping mall, or in a studio, it can be used very conveniently.

    Application Value of Jucolor Pioneer
    9012 Double 6090 UV Flatbed Printer

    Plywood uv machine

    Plyood/Wood/PVC/KT Board
    Photo panel/Large billboard/Home improvement

    uv printing machine

    High inkjet printing on curved surface items
    It's no problem printing with 3d embossed on curved media

    Leather UV Printer

    Leather/Paper/Coaster/Mouse Pad
    Ricoh G5i neutral ink suitable soft and hard materials

    uv phone case printer

    Phone Covers
    Can print for kinds of shape & material cases

    ceramic tile printer

    Ceramic tile/Stone
    Home improvement/Art crafts

    tumbler uv printer

    Glass/Plastic/Metal Cylinder Rotary UV Printing

    Shoes printer

    10 mm high drop inkjet UV printing
    Passed washing resistance test

    3D Embossed UV printing Machine

    3D Embossed Effect
    Strong embossment and obvious touch

    suitcase printer

    Suitcase/Case/Beer Barrel
    High thickness wood metal box/case

    There are more amazing samples not shown, contact us for free printing samples

    uv flatbed printer

    We (Gold Label Manufacturer)provide life-long after-sales service

    Various models of printers with different configurations, contact us for commercial printing solutions

    Best Industrial-level Model with Excellent Printing

    Why Jucolor Pioneer 9012 6090 UV Printing Machine?

    ◉ Industrial-grade Ricoh print head, stable and less maintenance

    ◉ Unique 10-color printing, 100% realistic effect, biz effect with high quality and high commercial value

    ◉ Up to 50cm printing height , the items that can be printed are wider, and your market is more impressive

    ◉ Large-format 90*120 cm double 6090 printing size, high-efficiency printing helps your products quickly respond to market needs

    uv 6090 printer

    Key Features

    - Media thickness up to 50 cm - automatically height detecting function

    - Vacuum suction platform-with size mark conveniently position

    - Negative pressure system for stable ink supply and automatic cleaning

    - Anti-collision device equipped in both sides, protect print head and user safety

    - White ink stirring device to avoid white ink precipitation and keep high quality ink supply

    - Professional SAI Flexiprint RIP software

    uv flatbed printer machine

    90*120 cm/3*4' print size, 50 cm/1.66' max print height

    - Double A1 print size, high productivity, 1 set printer equals to 2 sets 6090 printers.

    - Print directly onto media up to 50 cm thick

    Its printing size is the largest among entry-level UV printers, but its size is not very large. Among entry-level UV printers, it can still be flexibly moved. With a size like this, it is not only suitable for commercial use, but also completely Suitable for home use.
    Moreover, its printing size is large and can be suitable for printing a wide range of items.

    uv printing machine

    Negative pressure system

    - Two advanced separate negative pressure systems. Simply and effectively. ensure the continuous ink flow, and easy maintenance for multi-heads equipment.

    - Effectively protect print head from being clogged and extend lifespan of print head

    Ricoh G5i print head

    Industrial Ricoh G5i print head,long lifespan, less maintenance.

    - Variable droplet technology minimizes graininess, min 3.0 pl ink droplet, high print quality.

    - 10 colors unique technology, maximize image quality, 4 heads for CMYK, Lc, Lm, Gr, LGr+W+V printing one pass.

    - 3D embossed effect and varnish glossy effect

    high quality uv machine

    10 colors maximize image quality

    - CMYK, Lc, Lm, Gr, LGr, White, Varnish 10 colors special uv inks, rich and bright effect

    - low graininess and smooth gradation

    - Flexible, reliable solution perfect for printing canvas painting, outstanding-quality outdoor signage, promotional goods and more.

    best uv printer

    Variable droplet technology
    The imported ricoh print head we use has very powerful variable droplet technology.
    When the printer is working, it can intelligently change the size of the ink droplets, which also means precise control of image color, not only efficiently producing printing effects, but also saving ink usage.

    Printer Model CJ-UV9012Pro Print Head 2-4  pcs industry Ricoh 5i heads
    Max Print Size 90*120cm/ 4 * 3 feet Accepted Material's Height 50 cm/ 19.6 inch
    Printing Direction Smart Bi-directional Printing Print Resolution 900dpi 1200dpi  1800dpi 2400dpi
    Special Remarks Customized is available High Gap Printing Distance 10/14 mm able to print on uneven and irregular materials
    Weight of Material Panel:≤ 50 kg/m2 Ink Colors 10-color, White+CMYK,LC,LM,Grey, LGrey,+Varnish
    Machine Standard Configuration The Advantages
    90*120cm/3*4 feed print size Double 6090 UV printer,Effectively improve printing efficiency
    50 cm max print thickness Highly meet bigger and higher medias printing needs
    Vacuum air suction platform with mark Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, easy to clean,locate the printing position quickly
    Negative pressure ink supply systems Ensure the continuous ink flow, Effectively protect print head from blocked, easy maintenance
    High-strength steel fuselage structure High strength , no deformation, Ensure high-quality printouts and extend the life of your printer
    Y axis double screw rod guide Stable and precise movement, high precision printing
    Auto medias height checking system Helpful for customer setting proper print height in quickly
    Ink heating system Maintain the fluency of ink, the printer can also work normally in winter
    Anti-collision system Protects the printhead from touching or impacting the media
    RIP Software USA Sai brand Flexi print Drop Volume Size 3.0 picolitre
    Software Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Languages English
    Interface DPCS Operating system Windows XP/ME/Vista/Win7/Win10
    Ink Supply 1000 ml/bottle Ink Consumption 15 ML/SQM.
    Driving Power 110 V/ 220 V. Power Consumption 2500 W/ Hour.
    Machine Size 210*160*130cm,500 kg Packing Size 232x176x148cm 650 KG
    Packing Plywood packing Delivery 1-3 days
    Applicable Industry mugs, bottles. balls, Phone case, pen, banner, PVC board, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, leather, rubber, candles, metal, wood, porcelain, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, marble, granite, paperboard etc

    All Lifetime Service
    About Jucolor After-sales Service

    best service

    One year warranty

    The printer has 1 year warranty, during this period, any parts are damaged, we will repair and replace new for you, except print head, all shipping cost of after-sale is our responsibility

    One on one lifetime technical support 

    We established a professional engineers team, we will give you lifetime service. When you get the printer, our engineers team will set up a group to provide you with one on one technical support, guide you how to operate the printer step by step till you use well

    Choose Jucolor, Choose quality and guarantee

    Jucolor adopts latest technology, strict quality control for every parts before printer shipment, hope you can get a good cooperation experience with us.

    Strong after-sales support

    We have a mature after-sales team, and when you encounter any problems, our team will promptly help you solve them. Our after-sales team has received high praise from many customers.

    perfect uv printer
    nice service uv flatbed printer
    Buy again led uv printer
    easy money

    The main printing cost of uv printer is ink cost, 1 liter ink can print 50-65 sqm.

    For example, printing an A3 size picture with CMYK+W+V 3 layers, the ink cost is about $0.36, and the A3 size painting for sale online up to $35, the wholesale pricing for as little as $3.

    The CJ-UV9012pro uv printer can print about 18 pcs per hour, please think about how profit you can get every hour?

    $576 profit per hour!!!


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    flatbed uv printer
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    Unsere Kunden sind auf der ganzen Welt. In der UV-Druckerbranche ist JUCOLOR sehr professionell und führend. Wir verlassen uns auf unser solides Fundament und unser starkes After-Sales-Team, um in den Herzen vieler Kunden sehr gute Ergebnisse zu erzielen.

    Our products are sold in more than 60 countries on five continents around the world. If you have any needs or doubts, we can give you corresponding praise. You are completely free from worries and can purchase our products at any time.

    Choose Jucolor Pioneer 9012 6090 UV Printer
    Starting Your Business with High Quality Machine

    printer Certificate
    printer factory

    We have a certain amount of inventory and can complete the shipment within 1-3 days.
    We use good packaging for our products, which allows them to safely reach customers during transportation.

    uv flatbed machine

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