UV printer 9012 with Ricoh G5i print heads high quality printing

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   Jucolor Brand, UV9012Pro A1+ uv printer adopts multifunctional printing system and motherboard, equipped 4 pcs industry Ricoh G5i(TH5241) print heads, 90*120cm/3*4′ print size, 50cm/1.6′ print height.
   White,CMYK,LC,LM, LK,LLK, Varnish 10-colors, photo level print out
  14mm max high drop printing, able to print on uneven & irregular materials. like toys, suitcases, glasses cases, surfboards, trolley cases, shoes, helmets, toys, electrical panels, cabinets, hairpins, accessories, bottles, cups, etc.
   Vacuum suction platform, Double-Negative pressure ink supply, Auto-height checking, Anti-Collision, let user more easy and safe to use the printer.

  • Print Size: 90*120cm/3*4 feet 50cm print height
  • Ink Colors: W+CMYK,LC,LM,LK,LLK,+V,10-colors
  • Print Heads: 4 Pcs Ricoh G5i industry print heads
  • Advantage: 10-color, high drop print, 50cm print height
  • Print Height: 0.1-50cm/19.6 inche
  • Ink Supply system: Double Negative pressure ink supply system
  • RIP Software: Maintop software, SAI flexiprint
  • high Drop printing distance: 14 mm max high drop prinitng distance
  • Workable Medias: Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Suitcase, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc
  • Product Detail

    uv faltbed printer

    UV printing machinePhoto Level UV Printing Machine

    Adopts UV-led curable & direct printing technology(No plate making). Negative pressure system for inks supply, effectively guarantees life of print head and high-quality print output. High quality uv printer for leather packet bags notebooks, MDF board, uv glass printer, acrylic uv printing, ect.

    uv printer price

    UV led printerFast Printing by 4 Pcs Print Heads

    Jucolor 9012 UV digital printer equipped with Japan Ricoh industrial level G5i print heads, 3.0PL drop volume, Compatible with CMYK,LC,LM, LK,LLK, eight-color uv led ink, effectively improve printing quality and printing accuracy, flatbed uv printer for advertising with photo-level printout

    high quality uv machine

    uv tumbler printer

    stampante uvVivid UV Printing Result

    Jucolor large uv shoes printer with variable ink droplet effect printing, 10-colors, White, CMYK,LC,LM,LK.LLK, Varnish, photo level printing quality.stampante uv

    uv inkjet printer

    shoes uv printerMax Print Size 90*120cm/3*4feet

    which are twice of the regular A1+ UV varnish printer, Can print more materials or large area items, improving the printing efficiency. The thickness of the acceptable printing material is 50cm,which can realize the printing of various items.It's best for large diameter, high thickness items custom print, uv flatbed printer on travelling suitcase luggage trolley case,basketball uv printer.

    uv rotary printer

    UV mug printerBottle/Tube Rotary Printing

    With a cylindrical fixture, cylinder bottle and tumbler UV rotary printer, it can perfectly realize the printing of cylindrical objects of various sizes.uv tumbler printer

    impressora uv

    UV printer14 mm Max High Droplet Printing

    Make this industry uv led printer be able to print on uneven and irregular materials. like toys, suitcases, glasses cases, surfboards, trolley cases, shoes, helmets, toys, electrical panels, cabinets, hairpins, accessories, bottles, cups, etc. on

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