6090 UV Printer with RICOH G5I/EPSON F186000(DX5)/EPSON L1440-U2(DX7)Print Heads High Quality Printer

Short Description:

  Jucolor CJ-UV6090ProⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ A1 industy uv flatbed printer adopts industry printing system and heavy duty bodys,
  Equipped RICOH G5i(TH5241),EPSON F186000(DX5), EPSON L1440-U2(DX7) print heads, support 10-color, White,CMYK,LC,LM, Grey,Light Grey,Varnish uv inks printing. photo-level print-out, Greatly meet customers’ high-quality printing and large quantity printing needs.
  61*91cm/2*3′ print size, 20cm/7.8” print height,10mm max high drop printing, able to print on uneven & irregular materials. like toys, glasses cases, surfboards, trolley cases, shoes, helmets, toys, electrical panels, cabinets, hairpins, accessories, bottles, cups, etc.
  Vacuum suction platform, Double-Negative pressure ink supply, Auto-height checking, Anti-Collision, anti-static, let user more easy and safe to use the printer.

  • Print Model: CJ-UV6090Pro
  • Print Size: 61*91cm/2*3', 20cm/7.87'' print height
  • Print Heads: RICOH G5I,EPSON F186000(DX5),EPSON L1440-U2(DX7)
  • Ink Colors: 10-color, White+CMYK,LC,LM,Grey, LGrey,+Varnish
  • Drop Volume Size : 1.5PL (DX5), 3.0PL(RIOCH G5I), 4.5PL(L1440-U2)
  • Print Quality: Photo-level print-out
  • Resolution: 720*2400 DPI max resolution
  • Rip Software: Sai Photoprint software
  • Ink Supply system: Double Negative pressure ink supply system
  • high gap printing distance: 10 mm max high gap prinitng distance
  • Workable Medias: Bottles, Balls, Phone case, Pen, Puzzle,Tumbler, Button,PVC, Ceramic tile, Glass, Plastic, Leather, rubber, sign, Candle, Metal, Wood, Porcelain, ABS, Acrylic, Aluminum, Mugs,Marble, Granite, Toys, Glasses case, Surfboard, Shoes, Helmets, Electrical panels, Cabinets, Hairpins, Accessories, Cups, etc
  • Product Detail

    6090 uv printer
    uv flatbed printer
    uv print
    Machine Model
    Print Head
    RICOH G5I,EPSON F186000(DX5),EPSON L1440-U2(DX7)
    Max Print Size
    61*91cm/24*35.8 inche
    Max Print Height
    20 cm/ 7.87 inche
    Print Resolution
    High speed:720*720dpi

    Print Quality
    Real photo level photographic quality
    High Drop Distance
    Ink Colors
    RIP Software
    Photo prinrt
    Printing Tech
    Micro Piezo Technology
    Type of Ink
    UV LED curing ink
    Service Environment
    20-30℃ 35*65%Rh
    Power Consumption
    2500 W/ Hour
    Machine Size
    145*170*77cm,220 kg
    Packing Size
    155x186x98cm 260 KG
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