CJ A3 UV Size DX10/DX7 head rotary candle bottle printing machine UV flatbed printer

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CJ A3 UV Size DX10/DX7 Head rotary candle bottle printing machine UV Flatbed Printer which designed by Color jet Industry printer company,

Used our own designed main board, not Epson office printer based, so cant appear errors, with water circulation cooling system. Height automatic adjust, Workable medias: phone case, wood, glass, pen, lighter, leather, acrylic.metal, ceramic tiles, paper.

  • Print size: 35*50 cm/13.7*20 inches
  • Print height: 18 cm/ 7 inches
  • Print head: 1 pcs epson dx10/dx7/dx5
  • uv Inks: CMYK+2 Whites / 4 Whites colors
  • Material applications: phone cases, CD, lighter, pen, metal, tile, slate, wood, bottle,glass, plastic, pvc decor, special paper, canvas art, leather, acrylic, bamboo and more
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    CJ3560UV printer (1)

    CJ3560UV printer (1-2)


    Model CJ-UV3560Deluxe
    Print head 1 pcs EPSON DX10 or EPSON DX7 print head
    Color Cyan, magenta, yellow, black+ 2/4 white, 6/8 colors
    Ink type UV LED ink
    Max print size 35*50cm/13.7*20 Inches
    Print resolution 720*1080 dpi,720*1440dpi, 720*2160 dpi
    Accepted material's height 18 cm Max.
     Print speed 1440 dpi  85  seconds/A4 size.
    Applicable industry Pen, phone case, glass, plastic, board, leather, rubber, lighter, metal, wood, porcelain,  PVC, ABS, acrylicaluminum, ceramic tile, glass, marble, granite, paper etc
    Operating system /Win7/Win10
    Languages English/Chinese
    Driving power 110 V/ 220 V.
    Software Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator,
    Gross weight 85 KG

     Machine details:

    CJ3560UV printer (2)

    This machine use our own designed software and main board, stably working.

    can support, CMYK+white inks print together, 3D embossed printing, rotary mug printing.

    CJ3560 A3 UV printer (3)

    Print head :Epson DX10/dx7 print head 
    CMYK+2/4W 6/8 colors print print out, can print high quality picture with 3d embossed effect.

    If want good quality 3D embossed effect, and want print head use longer,  please choice EPSON DX7 head.

    CJ3560UV printer (7)

     Automatic inks protection and suction unit:

    This unit control by computer software ,work automatic ,can protect and keep wet for print heads, that so the print head use longer.

    CJ3560UV printer (5)

    Ball-screw + Linear guide rail + Servo motor drive - more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability. thicken aluminium profile made as the keel of the machine to ensure the machine stable working.

    CJ3560UV printer (6)

    Antioxidative aluminum vacuum sucking platform is more durable and stable.

    Super table size ensure you can print on any media with max. 35*50cm printing area.  Support max.material thickness 18cm. expand more printing area for customer.

    CJ3560UV printer (7)

    Hiwin linear guide with high-precision, noiseless, build for long time use

    CJ3560UV printer (8)

    UV LED Lamp, more than 30000 hours working life, two years warranty, temperature can be adjust by the switch. with luminance control, adjustment according to the different medias.

    High quality LED UV curing system can get working power during 100W~200W immediately without waiting, LED light cost less power, harmless for human health. Combine with high effective water circulation cooling system to ensure stable printing.

    Workable medias: 

    CJ3560 A3 UV printer (9)


    CJ3560UV printer (10)

    Why choose us:

    For we are "Professional industrial digital printing solution provider"

    CJ3560 A3 UV printer (11)

    CJ3560UV printer (12)


    Q1:Are you the manufacturer?

    A: Yes, our factory specialized in the UV printer, t-shirt printer and eco solvent printer in Shanghai. Welcome to visit us, and it will be great if you are interested to be our agent in your country.


    Q2:How can we start to use the printer ?

    A:When you got the printer ,our engineer will service you at first ,They will tell you how to start and teach you use it one by one until you can use it by yourself


    Q3:where can I purchase more inks or parts from?

    A:Our factory also provide inks ,kinds of rotary and other parts,you can buy from us or other suppliers in you local market


    Q4:What's the printing cost ?

    A:Usually the A3 full size cost about 0.06USD So the printing cost is very low


    Q5:Does the uv printer can print the 3D embossed effect ?

    A:yes ,its can print out that effect ,please contact us for more information and printing videos


    Q6:How to maintenance the printer ?

    A:About the maintenance ,we suggest to power on the printer once a day .If you don't use the printer more than 3 days ,please clean the print head with cleaning liquid and put in the protective cartridges on the printer ,protective cartridges are specially used for protect print head

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