Cylindrical 360 UV printer for tumbler bottles can coolers

Short Description:

  • Print Head: 2/3 pcs Japan Ricoh brand G5i
  • Accept Bottles Diameter : 40-130 mm,accept custom
  • Accept Bottles Size: 5-30cm length,taper less than 30°
  • Bottle Type: Straight-through bottle, cone-shaped bottle, cosmetic packaging bottle, wine bottle, car thermos, etc
  • Printing Speed: 30-90 seconds per bottle
  • Ink Type & Colors: CMYK+White+Varnish color uv led ink
  • Print Quality: True Photographic Quality
  • Product Detail

    Professional fast cylinder printer

    The printing speed is also related to the size of the pattern.

    Normally, it prints 1-2 bottles per minute.
    Jucolor one set professional bottle cylinder printing machine can print 500-900pcs per day (600-1500 bottles by double station model)
    It is fully automatic and can be completed by one person. User-friendly, labor-saving, high-efficiency personalized custom printing
    metal tumbler cylinder printer

    Jucolor 360 rotary uv printer support print white+cmyk++Varnish colors UV inks printing one pass on any shape bottles; Achievable 3D embossed effect and varnish glossy effect.

    cylinder printing machine

    Wide range of applications, contact us for the latest quotation

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    360 revolution printer
    printer G5i head

    Looking forward to your require

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