Cylindrical 360 UV printer for tumbler bottles can coolers

Short Description:

  • Print Head: 3-4 PCS Ricoh G5I
  • Printing Speed: 15-30' for white bottle, 30-50' for black bottle, 50-85' for 3D & glossy effect
  • Available Bottle Size: 5-250 cm length,5.5-13 cm diameter,taper less than 30°
  • Print Quality: True Photographic Quality
  • Product Detail

    Cans Custom Printing

    High Drop Ptinting Glossy Effect

    Small Text Printing On Cans


    CJ-BP360Cylinder UV cylinder bottle printing machine, Is a professional cylinder bottle printer, it can print all kinds of cans tumblers cylinders bottles with a varnish glossy embossed effect. Suitable 55-130 mm diameter bottles, accept custom.

    rotary printer price

    1、35 to 90 seconds for each cans print

    2、Full 360º Seamless Wrap Printing

    3、High Speed Printheads White+ CMYK + Varnish one pass printing

    4、Support up to 13mm height deviation

    5、Easy and efficient to change different vessels(Contact us get the operation video )

    6、Simple operation and easy maintenance

    tumbler uv printer

    Jucolor 360 rotary uv printer support print white+cmyk++Varnish colors UV inks printing one pass on any shape bottles; Achievable 3D embossed effect and varnish glossy effect.

    cylinderical printer

    Professional bottle printing motherboard ensure the printer work stable, high printing quality output, less maintenance, longer running time

    rotary inkjet printer

    3-4 pcs Ricoh G5i printheads, Integral aluminum alloy casting print head base unit, It has extremely high flatness and never reforms to ensure high-quality output.


    Industrial-grade fixture fixing unit, 3 to 5 mins to switch tooling fixture, customizable fixtures, all cylindrical objects can be printed

    Wide range of applications, contact us for the latest quotation

    rotary fast printer
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