How Long Does UV Printing Last?

How long does UV printing last?
Uv-printed items are placed indoors and outdoors are different lengths of time.
if placed in indoor, can be last more than 3 years or more,.
if placed in outdoor, can be last more than 2 years, and the printed colors will be weak over time

how to increase the lasting time for uv printing:
1. varnish inks, print varnish inks onto the color inks, it will protect the printed colors, so can keep more longer time.

UV varnish print

2. for transparent medias, can choose cover white inks printing way, means print color inks first, then print white inks, so color inks are protected by white inks, can keep much longer time also

glass printer

Why outdoor uv printing cant last much longer, becuase of rain and UV

Post time: Aug-11-2022