How to choose uv printers from different companies

UV printers have become more and more popular and have been effectively used in many industries, such as advertising sign making, personalized customization, furniture industry, interior decoration industry, toy industry, etc.
Here Jucolor uv printer company has compiled some precautions for buying uv printers. For the purchase of a new machine, it is very important to ask the following questions!
How to choose uv printers from different companies

1. Is the printer directly produced and sold by their manufacturers?
Print head, frame, and ink are the most basic and important for UV printers. Of course, for print head best to use high quality and stable print head like RIoch G5I Toshiba CE4M, Ricoh G5, EPSON I3200 heads,
other core accessories are much important, such as the stability and calibration of the beam, ink adhesion and chromaticity. factories can make sure their own printers can timely and accurately replace parts and continue to supply ink when needed.
Buying a UV printer means that you need to take the risk of whether the original manufacturer will continue to supply spare parts, because many manufacturers use different accessories. If printer appear some problems, the accessories cannot be replaced or used. Replacement of accessories, causing machine problem has not been resolved.

2, service and after-sales

Most manufacturers sell their products through the Internet, which ensures the maximum expansion of sales. Of course, different manufacturers have different levels and capabilities. In order for the final customer to successfully put into production, manufacturers need to provide more guidance and support. Without the support of professionals and knowledge, subsequent production will become very troublesome.

The training content should include maintenance, normal printing and emergency handling. Jucolor team have professional engineers which can serve customers well

Post time: Nov-10-2021