How to Print Kinds of Phone Cases by UV Printer

What kind of UV printer can realize personalized printing Iphone 14 mobile phone case?
As we all know, the Iphone 14 mobile phone case is very popular, which is a good business opportunity for custom printing companies. Due to the unique lens protrusion design of the mobile phone case, personalized uv printing cannot be realized.

uv printing machine for mobile covers

Why UV printer configured with Epson print heads can't completed?
Epson print head can accept the drop height of objects within 1-3mm, if it exceeds this range, the ink will float and the printing will be blurred.

The iphone 14 case has a 4.17mm bulge so it won't do the job.

So are we going to miss this business opportunity?
UV printers equipped with industrial-grade Ricoh print heads(Ricoh G5i ,Gen6) can meet your requirements!

uv print cover

Ricoh G5i print head can achieve high drop printing of 1-14mm, and can perfectly print various high drop items, including iphone 14 mobile phone cases, dolls, toys, sports shoes and other commercial items

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Post time: Feb-21-2023