How uv printer work

uv led printer
UV printing is ultraviolet light curing. Principle of uv printer is actually the principle of inkjet. Uv ink is directly print on material from print head and cured by LED lamp. with uv led curing inks, it can print any color picutre on any kind medias.

In general, there are mainly three principles, the first is the printing principle, the second is the curing principle, and the third is the positioning principle. Here are three principles of uv printers.

Printing principle: uv printer using piezoelectric inkjet printing technology to print inks onto surface of different materials. adjust voltage inside print head, ink will print out from print head nozzles on surface of material.

Curing principle: It uses ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp to react with light solidification in the ink to achieve the drying of the ink. This can save equipment and personnel costs. At the same time, the production efficiency is improved, which is completely different from the previous printing equipment that requires baking and drying.

Positioning principle: refers to how uv printer find right postion to prints patterns on objects of different sizes, heights and shapes. positioning of X axis mainly relies on raster decoder to transmit equipment for horizontal printing and printing, on Y axis is mainly driven by servo motor, and height positioning mainly adjust by lifting function of print head unit. Relying on these three positioning principles, uv printer has achieved precise positioning and printing performance.

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Post time: Nov-03-2021