Why we use RICOH G5i print heads for A2 uv printer?

1. Less maintenance
2. Less print heads cost
3. Larger printing width
4. Higher quality printing out

1. As we know, RICOH print heads all use negative pressure ink supply system, which can press inks directly into print heads no need use pump to suck print heads, much more stable ink systems, avoid caps stations, dampers and other parts

Epson print heads use siphon ink supply system with extremely poor stability and unstable ink supply. It is necessary to suck dampers, clean print heads more often. 90% of printers faults are caused by unstable siphon ink supply system, waste huge inks to do maintenance and clean, waste much labor time to do maintenance,
Using the negative pressure system can avoid 90% of failures and maintenance. Less maintenance also means you no need to pay much labor cost. save money for you and let you spend more time on make money not do maintenance

2. RICOH print heads are famous for their higher stable printing, longer lifespan, can work more than 2-3 years even more, but EPSON print heads just dx7 can more than 2 years, xp600 is 1-3 months usually, tx800 is 1-6 months usually, 1600/3200-u1 is 6-13 months. so with longer lifespan, you no need to change print heads more often, save your print heads change cost.  print heads cost also part of printing/use cost

3. As RICOH G5I can print 10mm gap (the distance from print heads to medias), 10mm gap with good quality, this really useful and expand your business field, EPSON Print heads, print gap(distance from print heads to medias only less than 3mm), highly limit your printing business, we have customers bought epson print heads printer, but cant print iphone13/14 or samsung phone cover, and other uneven surface medias. 

ricoh g5i printer

4. RICOH G5I print head is 3.0pl drop volume print heads, EPSON 3200-U1 is 3.8pl, printing quality, RICOH G5I is better than 3200-u1 print heads, support high quality printing out.

uv printer

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Post time: Apr-06-2023