UV Printer Parts Print Head Ricoh G5I (TH5241) Advantages

1. longer lifespan, company with EPSON print heads, Ricoh G5I print heads has longer lifespan advantage, means no need to change print head more often, reduce printing cost(print head cost also part of printing cost)
2. high droplet printing function, EPSON print head if want get good printing quality, distance from the print head to media need to less than 3mm, for Ricoh G5I print heads, can up to 14mm or more, this is much good function, some medias not flat, so 3mm distance is far more not enough

High drop uv printer
3. High-quality printing with 3.0pl, 1280 nozzles, Ricoh G5I print head printing quality is better than EPSON I3200-U1(3.8PL), Especially for smaller images/picture printing

uv printer samples


Konw more detials of UV printer with Ricoh print heads :


we have both Ricoh print heads UV printer and Epson print heads UV printer
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Post time: Apr-25-2022