Jucolor uv printer daily maintenance (A3, A2, A1, A0 models )——Part 2

How to suck dampers by syringe: (please dont with a needle)

uv machine

* Turn off printer

* put toilet paper on print head caps to make sure inks not come into head cables port

* Get out damper from print head and hold the cap two hard side cant touch the soft side

* Use syringe to suck 5ml inks out, then get back damper to print head and check head cable port, make sure inks cant go into head cables ports

* Turn on printer, load ink3-5 seconds ,clean and print head status

How to clean uv printer print head by cleaning liquid

digital uv printer

* click left to move out print head unit

* click z down to down platform

* turn off printer 


A2 uv machine

* put a bowel to catch cleaning liquid like picture   Figure 1

* open print head unit cover   Figure 2

* put toilet paper on print head cable to prevent inks come in to the head cable port Figure 3


4060 uv printer

*Prepare cleaning liquid, ink tube, syringe  Figure 1

* suck cleaning liquid    Figure 2

* get out the dampers and catch by plastic bags, make sure inks donot come out from dampers to wet head cable or head cable port Figure 3

* connect ink tube to print head and push cleaning liquid to print head lightly and slowly Figure 4

* clean till the liquid come from print head average  Figure 5

After clean print head, connect the inks dampers back to print head, you can suck the dampers then connect to print head

Then check the print head cable, must clean and dry, not have any inks

Then turn on printer and load inks 3-5 seconds, clean and print head-head status


best uv printer

Regularly use cleaning liquid and cotton swabs to clean the Cap, wiper, and keep cap and wiper clean

factory uv printer

Please check the waste ink bottle regularly. If it is full, you need to dispose of the waste ink

Please check the water tank regularly and keep the water level inside above 80%

high quality uv printer

Check encoder regularly to ensure that the optical decoder is dry and clean. If it is dirty, wipe it gently with alcohol

inkjet uv printer

Please turn on the white ink stirring button every day for at least 2 hours to prevent the precipitation of white ink

How to change print head

https://youtu.be/04SguqoCLng (Click the video to learn more)

A2 UV Phone Case Printer

A1 UV Flatbed Printer

A0 Large UV Printer

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