what medias do uv printers can print for

UV printer (Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer) is a high-tech, plate-free, full-color digital printer that can directly spray ink on the surface of the material, and use UV light to directly dry it, and can print any material.

Not limited by materials: color photo-level printing can be performed on the surface of glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. No need to make a plate and complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, abrasion resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, fully in line with industrial printing standards

UV ink is a kind of green and environmentally friendly ink, with instant fast curing, no volatile organic solvent VOC, less pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and so on.

CJ-UV4060D A2+ size uv led printer adopts Epson’s new original micro-piezo print head imported from Japan. The micro-piezo inkjet technology is a patented technology developed by Seiko Epson. It places many tiny piezoelectric ceramics near the nozzle of the print head. The piezoelectric ceramics have the characteristics of expansion or contraction deformation under the action of voltage changes at both ends. When the image information voltage is applied to the piezoelectric ceramics, the piezoelectric ceramics stretch and vibrate. Will change with the change of image information voltage, and make the ink in the nozzle under the stable state of normal temperature and pressure, effectively control the size and adjustment of the ink droplet, and eject the ink evenly and accurately, so as to obtain high precision and resolution. High-speed image color printing output, while reducing ink consumption.

Post time: Sep-22-2021