Why UV printers are suitable for entrepreneurs or printing companies?

Here are a few of the primary advantages of UV direct printing:
Faster production
No need for plate making, little setup required – switching between products can be done in minutes,fast printing and low cost

Quick drying
Immediate printing and drying without post-processing,Instant ink curing eliminates drying time, creating products that are ready for the market immediately

Scratch resistant
Strong adhesion, not easy to fade,Improved durability, flexibility, and scratch resistance.(When we print metal, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other special materials, we add special coating before printing to increase the color firmness and vividness)

Personalized printing
Meet customer requirements for image effects, Ability to create special effects including spot varnish and raised textures


Widely application
Capability of decorating a wide range of substrates – natural, soft, synthetic, flat, curved, ball and even cylindrical,At the same time, it can also print dolls toys or industrial products with high drop printing

Many models
UV printers range from A3 to 2513 uv printer , and there are up to 10 different sizes to choose from to meet the needs of different production and printing volumes. Whether you are a start-up or a big boss (starting a new field), UV printers will not be too difficult, but Professional after-sales team is very important (they need to guide you how to use and correct maintenance, which will save you more time and money)

Transforming from what was a niche technology into something all commercial and packaging printers should utilise. UV printing processes are evolving all the time, and they're becoming increasingly popular in particular sectors, such as the signage industry.
The market value of UV personalized printing products is higher than that of ordinary products, and the UV printing market has an optimistic prospect, It is a good choice for individual entrepreneurship and personalized custom printing enterprises

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Post time: Dec-16-2022