The Difference Between UV Directly Printing and UV DTF

The difference between UV directly printing and UV dtf, which one is suitable for you ?
UV directly printing is to print UV-led inks directly onto media. this printing way is the cheapest way and faster and almost any kind of media can be printed by UV printers, so it is used widely

UV dtf printing is a way of UV printing, which is more complicated than direct printing.
First, printing on the glue film A, the printed picture is on the glue, then using the laminating machine, laminating the film B to the printed film A, so the printed picture with glue will onto film B.

Last, stick the film B to the media, because with the glue, so the printed picture will leave onto the media, that is done.

UV dtf printing

As a UV printer manufacturer, Our experimental results show that UV dtf is not a good UV printing way for business.
1. Printing cost, UV dtf need inks & film, the film cost far higher than the cost of the ink. compared with UV directly printing, the printing cost increased more than 2 times.
2. Printing speed: compared with UV directly printing, the UV dtf need to print onto film first, laminating, cutting, and stick, so the time needs too much more
3. adhesion: UV directly printing is printing the UV inks directly onto media and dry by UV lamp, has good and strong adhesion,
UV dtf printing is print on glue, and stick the printed picture onto media, the picture and medias fixed by glue, adhesion is not good enough.
so we think UV dtf is not a good UV business printing.

Of course, UV dtf printing can print special items, leave a message to tell us which special-shaped items you want to print, maybe high-jet printing can also meet your printing needs, do you think so ?

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Post time: May-10-2022