UV Printer Embossed Glossy Printing On Metal

Jucolor UV printer achieves varnish and embossing effects on metal & acrylic.

metal varnish printing

uv acrylic printing

Popular A1 6090 uv printer with industry print heads for metal, uv metal printer & uv acrylic printer.

Hit the white ink several times to make the picture have an embossed effect (touching with hands has obvious bumps), varnish printing makes the picture more bright and shiny, with higher commercial value, and the cost of the machine can be recovered faster. 

1mm small text printing

Factory 6090UV flatbed printer with 4 Ricoh G5i print heads/ 6 pcs Tosihba CE4M print heads, high quality and one pass printing on metal, Jucolor A1 uv printer support CMYK white varnish Lc,Lm,Lk,Llk total 10 colors fast uv printing.

High drop uv printer

Not only can print metal, acrylic, but also can achieve high jet printing, photo-level high-quality printing, contact us, get a free sample printing test (available only for the first 10 customers every day)

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Learn more about the printer: CJ-UV6090Pro

Post time: Jun-23-2022