What is uv printer high droplet printing?

What is high droplet printing
high droplet printing is distance from print head to medias during printing, can get to 14mm.

high drop uv

EPSON Heads printing distance from print head to medias must less than 3mm, if more than 3mm,. the printing will be bad.

RICOH G5I(TH5241), printing distance from print head to medias can get to 14mm, this is reall useful function, and greatly increase uv printing application field to customers, some medias surface is uneven, some even has more than 10mm distance, requires high-drop printing. Epson print heads do not have such capabilities. but RICOH G5I(TH5241) print head can print perfectly.

If customers' purchasing budgetis not limit, we recommend customer to choose uv printer with RICOH G5I (TH5241) print heads

UV Inkjet Printer for toys shoes

Jucolor, CJ-UV4560D, CJ-UV6090Pro, CJ-UV9060Plus, CJ-R1610UV, CJ-UV9012Pro models uv printers all can equipped with RICOH G5I heads to support customer to get high printing quality, high droplet printing function, and less maintenance.

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high drop uv

Post time: Jul-17-2022