UV printers need UV light?

yes, UV printers need UV light to dry UV inks

UV inks are mainly composed of unsaturated resins, prepolymers, photoinitiators, diluents, pigments, fillers, additives, etc.
The UV lampaareokay ultraviolet photons initiate a biochemical reaction between the prepolymer and the diluent. The reaction time is very short, about 0.1-0.2S, and a cured ink film layer is formed after the reaction. There are no volatile and permeable substances during the reaction.
It is characterized by fast drying, the good gloss of the film, and resistance to friction. The intensity of ultraviolet light determines the stability of the chemical components in the UV ink, which also has a great influence.

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When the UV lamp is working, it will generate a huge amount of heat, which requires a cooling system. There are two cooling methods in the market: water cooling & air cooling, air cooling

The water cooling & air cooling method has a good cooling effect and is suitable for large-scale high-power UV printers. The UV lamp is cooled by water circulation and air cooling circulating water. It has an excellent cooling effect and is cheap, but the characteristics of low safety factor and high failure.
Water is connected to the UV lamp through a hose. Long-term work will cause the water pipe to age, rupture, leak water, etc.,
resulting in damage to the UV lamp, and water leakage will also damage other electronic accessories.

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The air-cooling method is to integrate a high-efficiency fan into the UV lamp. When the UV lamp is working, the fan will work hard to dissipate heat to the UV lamp.
This method will have higher stability, a low failure rate, and a high integration price.

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Compared with the water cooling system, more suitable small or medium UV printers, such as Jucolor CJ-UV6090Pro A1 UV printer use air cooling UV lamp

which is better, water cooling or air cooling?
Maybe both of them are okay, just according to which UV printer you want.
if want a cheap price and work on a high power UV flatbed printer, water cooling is better;
if want less maintenance and save, not care about the price, air cooling is better

Jucolor, CJ-UV4560D A2 UV printer, 9060pluse model A1 UV printer, 1610uv printer, and 2513 UV printer all use the water cooling system
for the CJ-UV6090pro UV printer, we use three pcs water cooling system.

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