UV Printer with Kinds of Print Head, Which is the Best One?

Which print head is best to choose for the UV printer?
cheap price Epson print heads or expensive Ricoh print heads

The daily use cost of a UV printer is composed of ink consumption, print head consumption, and maintenance labor cost
As we know, the cost of using a cheap price EPSON printhead UV printer is not cheaper than with an expensive industrial Ricoh printhead
Conversely, with Epson print heads UV printers tend to cost more to use than expensive Ricoh heads printers

1. Compared with Ricoh printheads, Epson printheads have a short lifespan and need to be replaced frequently. Even cheap printheads cost a lot of money, while Ricoh printheads have a long lifespan, which greatly reduces the number of printhead replacements. and reduce print heads cost.

2. Labor maintenance costs, cheap printheads use siphon ink supply system, usually appear inks cant print out, , damper broken, caps blocked, print head blocked , printhead need to clean by hand or by machine frequently, etc., these takes a lot of time to maintain the printer, Ricoh printhead printers use negative pressure inks supply system, Compared with the siphon ink supply system of Epson print heads, negative pressure inks supply system has excellent ink supply stability and reduces the maintenance time by more than 50%. For countries or regions with high labor costs, the maintenance time is 50%. The labor cost savings are huge.

3. Time cost, time is money, business cant wait, if printer have too much maintenance times, business will be stop frequently, this really not good for printing business.

so we think uv printer with expensive industry print heads will be better than printer with cheap price print heads, will save more money and get more bussiness.
We have coustomer who earned back the cost of the printer in a month

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Post time: Jun-17-2022